IT Security

To keep up with the requirements of today’s economy, IT Security must be implemented on multiple levels. With leading technologies, I am helping to establish suitable security solutions – from extensive virus protection in LAN, over firewalls, encryption of e-mails, VPN-technology or safe Remote Access solutions up to efficient Intrusion Detection Systems.

Enterprise products like epas (Enterprise Password Assessment Solution) from DETACK, as well as Vulnerability Management with QualysGuard are also appertaining to my security solutions. As a professional consultant, I am experienced in implementation, migration and the establishment of both solutions. 

My concepts are based on established security systems. They stand out due to their extensive functionality, high security and substantial reduction of expenses. As a consultant, I am always up-to-date. Consulting especially excels through the word “consult”. My team and I show you the possibilities and improvements of your IT Security Infrastructure.

Process Optimization

Due to precisely customized requirements of companies’ IT- service provision, which is defined in service strategy, a close collaboration between IT and the particular departments is required. The key to that are efficiently working Service Design-Processes. Through these processes, the IT-Organization arranges performed services in all required parameters with the IT-Costumer. Additionally, it supervises and controls the actual service provision through a collaboratively designed Service Level Management and an effectively designed Service Transition. I help you to optimize and realize processes. My team consists of capable experts, who analyze and optimize their processes and who implement those at your company. Contact us! Our ITIL consultants are experienced on an international level at companies operating worldwide.

Enterprise Architecture

I am providing the implementation of new software and the running operation with instruction and support services. My spectrum ranges from the adjustment of standard software to the realization of individual IT-services.

My work is based on an intensive analysis of existing IT-structures of a company using a standardized process model. Hereby I am achieving solutions that correspond to the requirements of companies and organizations.